Monday, August 3, 2009

What do they teach in an International Finance class in college?

I'm still in high school and i'm keeping all options open for careers. what is international finance all about? and what jobs are available if i get a degree in it?

What do they teach in an International Finance class in college?
There are many aspects to international finance. At an investment bank, IB professionals do "deals" on a global scale, other types of banks do different tasks in the IB process such as money management and currency trading. Corporate work involved a range of activities as well, such as managing the finances and/or the assets of a global organization, or being the chief financial officer of a subsidiary in a foreign country. Lots of opportunities.

Take as much math as you can in HS, and anything with critical reasoning is very good (logic). I would also take debate--it's a good skill for business school. You will also take accounting in college as a pre-req for finance (you need to be able to read financial statements).
Reply:International finance would be a fantastic career if you are interested in it. You could go into all sorts of international business fields with such a degree. The programs will vary by school, but most cover some international relations/politics, some economics, and financial stuff like accounting, etc. For some students, it is even a good major for study abroad.

I received a check from fortune point finance is this check good and can i cash it?

I received a check in the mail with my fortune point finance letter for 2,940.30 stating it is a assistance check to help pay for your tax and international clearance fees can I cash this check?

I received a check from fortune point finance is this check good and can i cash it?
I received this same thing as you did. However I am doing a little more research on it, I would suggest that you try calling the bank that is on the check. Also call the company that is named on there as well, you might get more information that way and you should be able to find out how bogus or not it is.

Tear it up...shred it...throw it away...forget you ever saw it. You are not going to get free money out of nowhere.

Reply:If you weren't expecting the check, it could be bogus or a scam. If you're at all concerned about whether the check is legitimate, take it to the bank and **deposit** it and tell them about your concerns. The bank will look into the check's bona fides and if it turns out to be good, they'll release the funds to your account. That would be the time to cash it.

The problem with cashing the check immediately is that if it turns out to be no good, you're the one who ends up on the hook for the funds, and possibly processing fees as well. Play it safe and let the bank investigate it before you start making plans about what to do with the money.
Reply:Yeah you can cash it...If you want to pay it back and then some!!!
Reply:You need to read the fine print and see if you are obligated to pay the money back. People don't normally just send you money for the heck of it.

Should we wipe out savings or go with home equity line of credit to finance home improvements?

My husband and I are debating how to finance some home improvement projects. He says use savings, I say use a line of credit(repay within two years hopefully) I am afraid if we use savings we will never replace it. He doesn't want debt. Any opinions?

Should we wipe out savings or go with home equity line of credit to finance home improvements?
If you got the equity then go with the HELOC. If the home improvements are going to increase the value of your home then it's a no brainer. As long as you're not going to buy a car or take a vacation with it. Leave your savings alone.

...OR say you can get a HELOC @ 6% APR. Then the money in your savings account that you would have spent on your house - put that money in a CD (or some other investment vehicle) that earns 6% interest and then you're pretty much getting your home improvements for free. If you got 6% going out then see if you can get at least 6% coming in.... and then you'll make that much more when you sell the house because you didn't really pay much for the improvements.
Reply:ok your choice here is a simpel question go into debt or no if you have the money + $1000 for an emergency plan go with savings if not wait till you do have the money. or you take out the loan pay for the stuff you could of baught outright AND pay the bank for lending you money in other words you have 2 equations to choose from caust of improvments =caust of improvments or caust of improvments + intrest = loan
Reply:Neither of you are totally right in my book.

Without knowing your situation I can only speak in generalities, but this is what I do for a living.

Lines of credit are cheap..RIGHT NOW.

Savings are wonderful because we could crash and burn in this country..our largest banks are borrowing from Chinese, Middle East, European, and Japanese banks in record amounts to stay afloat, and some may become partially or totally foreign's that bad.

My suggestion, do a little of both..that way you'll be the happiest with each other, too !!!
Reply:Save up and pay cash. If you can't pay cash for your home improvements, then you can't afford it.
Reply:Neither. Never use all of your savings or borrow money for a luxury expense.

Save up the extra money and pay cash.


How do I calculate my credit card finance charge?

I have $1,145 dollars on the card with an interest rate of 8.9%. What is the formula to calculate what my finance charge would be on that month? I am horrible at math, when I did it it came out to around $90 and if that is right then I will just take the money out of savings and pay it all off.

How do I calculate my credit card finance charge?
I got 101.90.... but if you charge anything new it will have finance charges next month.... or if you dont pay it on time again it will charge you
Reply:You statement should tell you exactly what your finance charge is so you don't have to play the guessing game.

What is the best career choice in Finance?

Financial planning, corporate finance, or investment banking? Which one and why?

What is the best career choice in Finance?
It depends on your preference do you like to work in corporate world, then corporate finance, or becomes personal finance and investment banking who works in the bank but their work is primarily based on commission. Anyway certification of CFA is always a big help

What would make you read a personal finance blog?

I'm thinking of starting a personal finance blog. The types of topics I plan to cover are: budgeting, building wealth, risk management, asset management, and other topics that, admittedly, can be a bit "dry" to many people. I want to attract a wide variety of people, not just bean-counters; I'd like it to be for everyone.

What would it take to make you read a blog like that? Humor? Some additional, more interesting topics? Bios of wealthy people? Contests?

What would make you read a personal finance blog?
It would have to be different. Anyone can recycle the same old dogma of diversify your stock portfolio etc., etc. There are probably lots of blogs in this field so yours would have to be unique. Fun ways to save money or to make money to invest would be something people might be interested in as opposed to take money from your paycheck and invest in stocks blah, blah blah.

How long must you hold a job in order to finance a car?

I have a job and i get paid more than $250 a week. Is there any way that i can finance a car right now or do i have to wait for like an extended period of time to be able to finance it. Is there any place that doesnt require steady holding a job for 6+ months. I plan to stay with this job but i also need a car soon.

How long must you hold a job in order to finance a car?
I'd be more concerned with how much you make than how long you've been working there.

Minimum salary to qualify is usually $14k....
Reply:You shouldn't have a problem. I bought a car about a month before I started my first job; giving only an offer letter as proof of employment/income level.